State-of-the-art Sterilization

We take sterilization and cleanliness very seriously. We chemically sterilize, ultrasonically clean and autoclave (heat and steam under pressure) all re-usable equipment. All other supplies are disposable. We never even use a dental drill bit more than once. Of course, gloves and sterile drapes are always used.

Among The Precautions We Take Are:

  1. Autoclave - Steam Sterilization. All instruments capable of withstanding high heat are autoclaved (steam-sterilized) which kills infectious bacteria and viruses. The autoclaves are tested weekly to insure that they are operating properly. All hand pieces ("drills") and burs ("drill bits") are autoclaved after each use.

  2. One-Time Use Items. Many items are single-use and are disposed of after each patient. This includes all syringes (needles) and saliva ejectors (the plastic tips on the suction tube which are placed in the mouth to remove saliva). The rubber cups which hold the paste used to polish your teeth are disposed of after each visit. The attachment which holds it on the hand piece, called a prophy angle, is discarded after each use.

  3. Disposable Gloves And Masks. Gloves and masks are worn to prevent transmission of disease between you and us (both ways), as well as providing protection from transmitting any diseases between you and another patient in the office. Gloves are never used on more than one patient.

  4. Surface Decontamination And Barriers. All surfaces (counter tops, dental chair, light handles, etc.) are disinfected with a chemical solution again formulated to kill infectious bacteria, spores, and viruses. Barriers (paper covers etc.) are used whenever possible.

  5. We Wear Glasses To Protect Our Eyes From Contamination As Well As Injury. The doctor's glasses are fitted with magnification lenses which provide higher quality dentistry with less eye strain as well as a high intensity fiber optic light. We also use microscopes during procedures to magnify teeth 20x. This helps us keep teeth preparation as conservative as possible. Our patients will also be asked to wear safety glasses for their protection.

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